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Through the Eyes of a Survivor: An Exploration of the San Diego Family Justice Center

Written by Katherine F. Gibson in 2008, this clinical dissertation explores the experiences of survivors of intimate partner violence within a "one-stop-shop" for domestic violence. Specifically, this study evaluates the San Diego from the perspective... Read More

Final Report of the Domestic Violence Practice and Procedure Task Force

Created by the Judicial Council of California in January of 2008, this document details recommended guidelines and practices for improving the administration of justice in domestic violence cases. It includes information regarding court leadership, the... Read More

Safety Plan – Crystal Judson Family Justice Center

Created by the Crystal Judson Family Justice Center in November of 2007, this brochure details safety planning for victims of domestic violence. it addresses safety during an explosive accident, how leaving can be the most... Read More

Volunteer Operations Manual – San Diego Family Justice Center

Updated by the San Diego Family Justice Center in June of 2007, the Volunteer’s Operations Manual was designed to assist volunteers working at the Center by providing some basic information about day-to-day procedures. It includes... Read More

Presidents Family Justice Center Initiative Best Practices

Created by the Office on Violence Against Women in February of 2007, this document provides an overview of the Family Justice Center Model, and identifies the Best Practices as defined under the President’s Family Justice... Read More