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Sojourner Family Peace Center VOICES Confidentiality Agreement

This VOICES Confidentiality Agreement, created by the Sojourner Family Peace Center, is a template resource for VOICES Chapters to utilize in order to create a confidential, safe space for their VOICES members. The agreement asks... Read More

Sojourner Family Peace Center VOICES Media Photo Release Form

This VOICES Media Release, developed by the Sojourner Family Peace Center, can be utilized as a template resource to draft a media release for Family Justice Centers to utilize VOICES members in promotional materials with... Read More


A resourse developed through the National Advocacy Advisory Committee to inspire advocates and those working with victims to ASK and DO MORE. Read More

VOICES of HOPE Mindfulness Coloring Book

This VOICES Coloring Book, released in 2020 by the National VOICES Committee, is a coloring book designed by survivors for survivors. VOICES Chapters from across the country designed original coloring pages that were then digitized... Read More