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Domestic violence has devastating consequences and often tears families apart, but a unique new solution aims to keep local families together.

Efrain Vazquez is a 65-year-old grandfather and father of three children. According to police, his daughter Luisa, 22, is a drug user known to be involved in gangsters.

Vazquez and his youngest son, Andrew, became afraid of Louisa as they said they threatened their father if they were not allowed to stay at home.

“It was hard because it was almost everyday when we were experiencing such a situation,” Andrew said. “Basically, it was like there was no day of peace.”

Last December, Luisa was arrested for assault and assault after her father had a cut on her forehead due to a conflict at home.

Through an interpreter, Basquez explained that he didn’t know where to start or who he could ask for help.

Victims and survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault are looking to across the country Family Justice Center.. There are about 90 public-private partnerships that connect to institutions that can help survivors.

The· Santa Ana Family Justice Center It is the only one in the country that is in the police station.

“The good thing about our center at the police station here is that it facilitates survivors when they receive all the support related to law enforcement,” said Leslie Razo, operations specialist at the Santa Ana Family Justice Center. I think that’s what it is. ” “It may be easier to get a police report or follow up on the case.”

“We want to get rid of the stigma of coming to the police station to get these services,” said Cmdr of the Santa Anna police station. Michael Claborn has been added. “Therefore, we provide a safe place to receive these services within the police station.”

“He was relieved. He felt safe. All the emotions he had felt before felt just gone,” said the Women’s Conditional Life Center, which works with the Family Justice Center. Basquez interpreter Rosa Nava said.

Providing a safe place for victims is an important reason why the Family Justice Center is located within the Santa Anna Police Station. Services from various nonprofits range from searching for shelters and counseling to childcare. In addition, the Santa Anna detective unit works closely with the Family Justice Center to help victims navigate unfamiliar situations, many of whom have never been victims of crime.

“I think it’s very complicated, and this can sometimes be the worst day of their lives,” Clavourne said. “And we are here to explain to them the process of recovering from that day.”

The center has supported more than 140 clients since it was opened to the public in January last year. Again, because it’s in one place, survivors don’t have to move to multiple places and tell the story that can be traumatic again.

“They sit with one of our supporters in our private safe room. They don’t have to talk about it again. Supporters can re-trigger them, be traumatized, or they. Connect to all the resources and services that survivors need, without telling the story, ”Lazo emphasizes.

That’s what Andrew Vazquez knows directly.

Family Justice Center in Santa Ana Police Department provides safe space for domestic violence survivors Source link Family Justice Center in Santa Ana Police Department provides safe space for domestic violence survivors

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