Story by: by Elaine Kong

BELLEVUE, Ky. (WKRC) – The relationship between clients and hairstylists can be one that’s incredibly close. They share some of life’s happiest moments, but sometimes the hairstyles hide a terrible truth like domestic violence.

“It’s a personal relationship we develop with these guests for us to be able to help or prevent or notice things really meant a lot to me,” said Kate Moeves.

Moeves is the owner of salon 501 in Bellevue, she’s been a stylist for 11 years.

“No one has openly said it but looking back I can think of times where I do believe people were affected,” said Moeves. She’s noticed bruises, just one of the signs many of her clients have blown off as an accident.

“1 in 3 women have been affected by this, so the likelihood they’re seeing women who’ve experienced it is very high,” said Taylor Zumwalt.

Zumwalt says the rate in Kentucky for domestic violence is higher than the national average. It’s the reason why Zumwalt created Highlights of Hope. It teaches stylists how to spot domestic violence.

She doesn’t want stylists to spark the conversation, but know how to continue the conversation and offer help if their clients mention it. “My number one goal is for them to walk away and know this can happen to anybody. It’s not something that’s limited to one population. It’s happening all over our state. I want them to have confidence, knowing they can have an informed conversation and that they’re able to help somebody,” said Zumwalt.

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