David Witte – Lodi News-Sentinel – At first glance, a movie about brain damage from football may not seem like it has a lot to do with a proposed Family Justice Center in downtown Stockton, but that’s what’s happening Jan. 9 at a red carpet mixer in Lodi.

cellardoor in downtown Lodi will host the mixer featuring Dr. Bennet Omalu, the subject of the movie “Concussion,” and Peter Landesman, the movie’s director, to benefit the San Joaquin County Family Justice Center Foundation.

The SJCFJC aims to be a central location for victims of domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault, human trafficking and elder abuse.

Omalu is credited with discovering chronic traumatic encephalopathy, the deterioration of the brain due to constant impacts, and “Concussion” follows his fight against the NFL. He is also San Joaquin County’s pathologist.

“One night I was talking to Dr. Omalu, we sit on the death review team,” said Suzanne Schultz, project director of the SJCFJCF. “I was always fascinated, asking questions, and we were just talking. The topic came up about our Family Justice Center, and he said, ‘I fully support the justice center. My area of passion is the brain, and I feel people that are constantly victims of domestic violence, the brain gets patterned the same way.’ ”

Omalu offered to help out, and said he would be able to talk Landesman, the film’s director, into making an appearance.

cellardoor has donated its space, with a capacity of about 200, for the event, and after the mixer, Lodi Stadium 12 will have a private theater set aside for a screening of the movie.

Schultz said the proposed center would move into the current courthouse in downtown Stockton after the offices move to the new courthouse location. It would be a single location to handle victims of many different forms of domestic abuse.

“Even though the facility will be here in Stockton, it’s very important to us that people in Lodi, Manteca and other cities understand that this is there for them,” Schultz said. “If there’s a person being harmed in Lodi, we will get them here, and they will still only have to come through a single set of doors.”

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