by Ariana Pyper

One in ten elderly Americans has been abused in some form according to the National Council of Aging.

With June being Elder Abuse Prevention Month, the Nampa Family Justice Center wants to raise awareness of elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

Elder abuse can manifest in different ways including physical abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation.

Alyssa Groen, the Nampa Family Justice Center Assistant Project Manager said elders sometimes experience sexual abuse as well as domestic violence and stalking.

She said the biggest red flag an elder is being abused is they are being isolated from family and friends, or no one is checking in on them.

Groen said it is important people are aware of financial abuse. If you are a banker or store clerk, pay close attention to who is assisting and elder and how they are using their credit card.

“Sadly often it’s like a family member that is doing the abusing and so a lot of times that elder person doesn’t necessarily want to report that to law enforcement because its somebody that they love and care for or maybe they are embarrassed about it so elder abuse often goes undetected which is really sad,” Groen said.

Groen said the best thing you can do is be aware of the elders around you and don’t be afraid to ask more questions if you think something is off or they are in a bad situation.

This week the Nampa Family Justice Center has some activities planned to bring awareness to Elder Abuse Awareness Month.

The list of events and activities is posted below. For more information on the Nampa Family Justice Center click HERE.

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