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Assembly Bill No. 1623

Senator Atkins - 2014

This is California Assembly Bill No. 1623. The purpose of this bill is to 1) explicitly authorize a city, county, city and county, or nonprofit organization to each establish a family justice center (FJC) and... Read More

Army Community Service Family Advocacy Program Webinar

Alliance for HOPE International - 2018

This webinar, hosted by Alliance for HOPE International's CEO Gael Strack, focuses on "Strangulation: The Last Warning Shot" and "Advocating for the Strangled Victim." Gael Strack emphasizes the link between strangulation and homicides, highlights the... Read More

Understanding Elder Abuse – New Directions for Developing Theories of Elder Abuse Occurring in Domestic Settings

National Institute of Justice - 2013

This paper reports the findings of two studies funded by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) in an effort to generate theory-based explanations of what causes elder abuse and how to best respond to it.... Read More

Tracking and Monitoring – Building a Coordinated Community Response in Native Communities

Mending the Sacred Hoop - 2010

This manual was created to specifically outline the process of building a Coordinated Community Response (CCR) in Native communities. A CCR, simply stated, is a monitoring and tracking system that establishes women’s safety by focusing... Read More

Tips for Staff and Advocates Working with Children Polyvictimization

Safe Start Center - 2012

This four-page resource defines polyvictimization, explains its impact on children, and identifies its warning signs in order to assist staff and advocates working with children exposed to violence. It concludes by proposing practical steps professionals... Read More