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Intimate Partner Violence & Strangulation in the Deaf Community

Cassady - 2017

This webinar, presented by Dr. Cindi Cassady, will provide an in-depth look at intimate partner violence and strangulation with the deaf community. Several case studies will be used to demonstrate the importance of understanding the unique... Read More

Changing the Destinies of Survivors with High ACE Scores

Gwinn - 2017

In this presentation Casey Gwinn demonstrates the link between childhood trauma, or adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and mass shooters. He explains the importance of the ACE Study and how the science of hope can be... Read More

Domestic Violence PSA: Strangulation (English)

City of San Diego - 2017

This PSA was released by the City of San Diego in February 2017 to warn citizens about the many dangers associated with strangulation crimes. Read More

Family Justice Center Leadership Toolkit

Alliance for HOPE International - 2017

Created by the Alliance in 2009, and updated in 2017, this toolkit is designed to assist Family Justice Centers with hiring an Executive Director and developing a short-term and long-term succession planning. This toolkit contains... Read More

The Science and Power of Hope

Hellman - 2017

Created by Dr. Chan Hellman at the University of Oklahoma at Tulsa, this PowerPoint presentation highlights Hope Theory and argues that HOPE is a fundamental process that must be activated in order to engage in... Read More