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Lethality Assessment & High-Risk Response

Frechette and Wall - 2010

Created by Detective Bob Frechette, Paula Wall, and the Alliance in October of 2010, this Webinar discusses the Lethality Assessment Protocol (LAP) used in Rochester, New Hampshire and adapted from the Maryland LAP. The Maryland... Read More

Intern Training PowerPoint

Alliance for HOPE International - 2010

This PowerPoint was created by the Alliance in September of 2010. It offers an overview of the Alliance, the California Family Justice Initiative, and the FJC Legal Network. It also provides a brief history of... Read More

Family Justice Center Steering Committee Questions – Cleveland Family Justice Center

Cleveland Family Justice Center - 2010

These questions were prepared by the Family Justice Center Steering Committee in Cuyahoga County, Ohio during the planning process for their Family Justice Center. Casey Gwinn met with the Steering Committee in September 2010 to address... Read More

Reasons Not Served or Partially Served form

Family Justice Center of Oauchita Parish - 2010

Created by the Ouachita Family Justice Center, this is a form to be completed by the FJC intake specialist. It is used to document reasons why the client was not served or was only partially... Read More

Onsite Routing Sheet – New Orleans Family Justice Center

New Orleans Family Justice Center - 2010

Created by the New Orleans Family Justice Center, this is an Intake Routing Sheet for on-site partner agencies. On this form, a client may indicate which partners and services she is interested in, and which... Read More