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Returning Client Form – The Ouachita Family Justice Center

Family Justice Center of Oauchita Parish - 2006

Created by the Ouachita Family Justice Center in February of 2006, this form is for returning clients. It requests updates regarding contact information and the status of events with her abuser. Read More

Extent, Nature and Consequences of Rape Victimization

Tjaden, Thoennes and the National Institute of Justice - 2006

Created by Patricia Tjaden and Nancy Thoennes, in conjunction with the National Institute of Justice, in January of 2006, this report addresses the extent, nature, and consequences of rape victimization in light of findings from... Read More

Executive Director Candidate Questions

Family Justice Center of Erie County - 2015

Created by the Erie County Family Justice Center in August of 2005, this document details a number of interview questions to be answered by Executive Director Candidates. The questions are asked as case scenarios in... Read More

Evaluability Assessment of the Presidents Family Justice Center Initiative

Townsend, Hunt and Rhodes - 2005

Family Justice Centers varied at the time of the report, ranging from those who were still in the earliest stages of working out partner agreements to those estimating client intake for early in the summer... Read More

Patient Consent and Examination Forms – San Diego Family Justice Center

San Diego Family Justice Center - 2005

Created by the San Diego Family Justice Center and revised in December of 2005, the Patient Consent Form and the Examination Form are used to document and release information from a client’s medical examination to... Read More