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Pathways College Interest Report

Nay, Hellman, and Aceves - 2018

This report, published by Camp HOPE America and Oklahoma University, covers the initial findings for the 2018 Pathways to HOPE Project for Camp HOPE America. The report examines whether the change from before to after... Read More

Pathways to HOPE Project An Assessment of Sustainable HOPE and Resilience Among Children Exposed to Domestic Violence

Hellman, Worley, Muilengurb-Trevino, Gwinn, and Aceves - 2017

This report provides the results of a program evaluation for Camp HOPE America’s Pathways to HOPE Project. Camp HOPE America, the first camp in the country focused on children exposed to domestic violence, is a... Read More

Camp HOPE as an Intervention for Children Exposed to Domestic Violence: A Program Evaluation of Hope, and Strength of Character

Hellman and Gwinn - 2017

Published in 2017 in the Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal, this journal article evaluates the impact of Camp HOPE America in 2015. This article is the first published, peer-reviewed journal article evaluating a camping... Read More

Camp HOPE America Overview

Hellman and Alliance for HOPE International - 2017

This one-page flyer briefly explains the Camp HOPE model, as well as why Camp HOPE America is a compelling intervention for youth exposed to domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse. It also points towards... Read More

Camp HOPE America Creating Pathways for HOPE for Children and Teens Exposed to Trauma

Gwinn - 2017

In this presentation Casey shares the importance of Camp HOPE and the yearlong mentoring program, Pathways to HOPE, and the role they have on mitigating high ACE scores in the life of children. This presentation... Read More