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I-918B Sample Completed Form

This document is a sample completed I-918B form to be used as an example or reference. Read More

Certification of U-Visa (Non-Immigrant Status)

Austin and Dallas Police Department

The purpose of this General Order is to establish guidelines and procedures when receiving requests for a U Visa Nonimmigrant Status certification. This legislation was intended to strengthen the ability of law enforcement agencies to... Read More

Pediatric Strangulation Bibliography

Baldwin-Johnson, Strack, & Wiese - 2017

This comprehensive list of pediatric strangulation references was created by Cathy Baldwin-Johnson MD FAAFP and Tracey Wiese, DNP from Alaska CARES with the help of Gael Strack and the Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention. Read More

Strangulation E-Newsletter – September 2017

Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention - 2017

This is the first edition of Strangulation Prevention E-News. The Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention launched this newsletter to provide the most current and succinct information about non-fatal and near-fatal strangulation assaults. Read More

Intimate Partner Violence & Strangulation in the Deaf Community

Cassady - 2017

This webinar, presented by Dr. Cindi Cassady, will provide an in-depth look at intimate partner violence and strangulation with the deaf community. Several case studies will be used to demonstrate the importance of understanding the unique... Read More