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Family Justice Center Legal Network Client Information Manual

Alliance for HOPE International - 2010

The FJC Legal Network Client Information Manual, created by the Alliance in 2010, contains a variety of valuable information and resources for a victim of domestic violence. The manual is broken down by the following... Read More

Court Orders

Heisler - 2010

Created by Candace J. Heisler in 2010, this document discusses court orders and how they protect survivors, restraining order systems, prosecution responsibilities, emergency protective orders, and more. Read More

Domestic Violence in the Military

Tucker - 2010

Presented in November of 2010 by Debby Tucker and the Alliance, this webinar discusses Domestic Violence and the Military. This Webinar suggests an approach to analyzing acts of violence committed by service members to determine... Read More

Protection Orders and Full Faith and Credit

Hart and Shaw Phipps - 2010

Created by Barbara J. Hart and Millicent Shaw Phipps for the Alliance in October of 2010, this webinar presents information on the full faith and credit provision of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and... Read More

Confidentiality and Brady vs Maryland

O'Malley - 2010

Presented by District Attorney Nancy O'Malley in September 2010 at the California Family Justice Initiative statewide conference, this PowerPoint addresses confidentiality, privilege, and Brady vs Maryland issues within Family Justice Centers. Read More