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Family Justice Center Professional Confidentiality Agreement

San Diego Family Justice Center - 2010

This is the confidentiality agreement form to be signed by all Family Justice Center employees. Read More

U-Visa Updates

US Citizenship and Immigration Services - 2010

Created by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration in July of 2010, this document provides brief answers to frequently asked questions about U-Visas. Read More

Intimate Partner Violence: A Health-Based Perspective, Chapter 16: Strangulation in Intimate Partner Violence

Taliaferro, Hawley, McClane, and Strack - 2009

Strangulation, a common form of intimate partner violence (IPV) assault, is one of three major types of intentionally inflicted neck trauma: blunt impact trauma, penetrating injuries, and strangulation.  To learn more, read Intimate Partner Violence: A... Read More

Non-Fatal Strangulation Is an Important Risk Factor for Homicide of Women

Journal of Emergency Medicine - 2008

The purpose of this study was to examine non-fatal strangulation by an intimate partner as a risk factor for major assault, or attempted or completed homicide of women. Interviews of proxy respondents and survivors of... Read More

Confidential Communication and Policy and Protocol

Alameda County Family Justice Center - 2008

Created by the Alameda County Family Justice Center in May of 2008, this is the Confidential Communication and the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Survivor Policy and Protocol. The document provides policy details, and requires... Read More