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Non-Fatal Strangulation Is an Important Risk Factor for Homicide of Women

Journal of Emergency Medicine - 2008

The purpose of this study was to examine non-fatal strangulation by an intimate partner as a risk factor for major assault, or attempted or completed homicide of women. Interviews of proxy respondents and survivors of... Read More

Confidential Communication and Policy and Protocol

Alameda County Family Justice Center - 2008

Created by the Alameda County Family Justice Center in May of 2008, this is the Confidential Communication and the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Survivor Policy and Protocol. The document provides policy details, and requires... Read More

Traumatic Brain Injury and Domestic Violence

Empire Justice Center - 2006

Women who are abused often suffer injury to their head, neck, and face. The high potential for women who are abused to have mild to severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a growing concern, since... Read More

VAWA 2005 Changes

United States Congress - 2006

This document discusses the changes made in 2005 to the Violence Against Women Act and how those changes affect confidentiality issues in terms of universal definitions and grant provisions. Read More

From Hippocrates to HIPAA: Privacy and Confidentiality in Emergency Medicine – Part I: Conceptual, Moral, and Legal Foundations

Annals of Emergency Medicine - 2005

Part 1: Respect for patient privacy and confidentiality is an ancient and contemporary professional responsibility of physicians. This article outlines the basic concepts of privacy and confidentiality, reviews the moral and legal foundations and limits... Read More