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Confidentiality, Information Sharing and Privacy Protocol Recommendations

Alliance for HOPE International and NNEDV - 2005

This policy document is intended to represent a set of guiding principles and recommendations regarding confidentiality, information sharing, and privacy policies and procedures implemented at any Family Justice Center(FJC)funded through the President’s Family Justice Center... Read More

Danger Assessment (2019)

Dr. Jacquelyn Campbell - 2020

The Danger Assessment (DA) was originally developed by Co-Investigator Campbell (1986) with consultation and content validity support from battered women, shelter workers, law enforcement officials, and other clinical experts on battering. The second part of... Read More

No Place for a Smile: Domestic Violence

Journal of the California Dental Association - 2004

Because dentists routinely assess a patient’s head, neck and mouth, they have a unique and excellent opportunity to recognize whether or not a patient is being abused. This article seeks to enlist the collaboration of... Read More

Domestic Violence Programs and the African American Church- Dr Oliver William & Alliance

Williams - 2004

Presented by Dr. Oliver Williams, and hosted by the Family Justice Center Alliance, March Read More

Survey Results of Women Who Have Been Strangled While in an Abusive Relationship

The Journal of Emergency Medicine - 2017

Few studies attempt to examine individual methods of domestic abuse. The objectives of this study are to evaluate strangulation as a method of domestic violence abuse: to determine the incidence of strangulation occurrence within the... Read More