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Part One of Healing Modalities: Trauma-Informed Approaches for Sustaining Our Resilience as We Work

Our commitment and passion for the work we do is foundational to our effectiveness with survivors and their families. At the same time, consistent exposure to violence and trauma and the ongoing pandemic can negatively... Read More

Contra Costa County Family Justice Center Evaluation Report (2020)

Tamina Alon - 2020

The Contra Costa Family Justice Alliance is a system of warm and welcoming one-stop centers for families affected by interpersonal violence, namely domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, elder abuse, child abuse, and stalking. The... Read More

Battling Racial and Gender Bias in Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Investigations

Alliance for HOPE International - 2021

On this webinar, Judge Ron Adrine (Ret.) of the National Battered Women’s Justice Project Advisory Board and Lt. Dan Rincon of the Scottsdale Police Department share their combined total of almost 70 years of experience... Read More

Family Justice Center Governance Models Info Guide

Alliance for HOPE International - 2021

This info guide, created by Alliance for HOPE International, provides an overview of the benefits and challenges of varying Family Justice Center governance models to assist communities with determining the best lead agency for their... Read More

Virtual Family Justice Center Services: Adaptations for Creating Remote Accessibility Webinar

Alliance for HOPE International - 2021

On this webinar, Eva Lessinger, Director of Programs at the New Orleans Family Justice Center, shares their journey of converting to virtual services during COVID-19, providing ideas and tips for other FJCs to consider. She... Read More