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Family Justice Center Legislation

State of California, State of Oklahoma, State of Louisiana - 2019

This document contains language from Family Justice Center legislation passed in three states: California, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. FJC legislation defines Family Justice Centers; identifies best practices in partner agency roles, information sharing, and policies and... Read More

From Safety Planning to Wellbeing Planning – A Toolkit for Change

The Full Frame Initiative and Alliance for HOPE International - 2019

In collaboration with Alliance for HOPE International, the Full Frame Initiative published this toolkit titled From Safety Planning to Wellbeing Planning: A Toolkit for Change. This resource is designed primarily for programs that focus their... Read More

Succession Planning 101 in FJCs

Janeen Gingrich, MSW - 2019

This webinar recording with presenter Janeen Gingrich covers Succession Planning in FJCs. Leadership transitions can be challenging. More than 65% of non-profits have no plan for succession. In order for non-profit organizations to be sustainable,... Read More

Contra Costa Family Justice Center Flyer

Contra Costa Family Justice Center - 2019

This half-sheet flyer, created by Contra Costa Family Justice Center, highlights the mission of the FJC and lists both the crisis support and long term safety services it provides. Read More

Palomar – Oklahoma City’s Family Justice Center Brochure

Palomar - Oklahoma City's Family Justice Center - 2019

This brochure, created by Palomar - Oklahoma City's Family Justice Center, identifies the need for an FJC, highlights the onsite partner agencies, and communicates the mission and vision of the Center. Read More