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Creating Sustainable Funding from Individual Donors

Alliance for HOPE International and Axelrod - 2019

This fast-paced webinar introduces you to a systematic model for building sustainable funding for your Family Justice Center or Multi-Agency Center. Learn to leave a legacy of passionate lifelong individual donors as you tailor the Benevon Model... Read More

Family Justice Center Client Process Mapping

Alliance for HOPE International - 2018

Alliance for HOPE International created this document to define process mapping, identify its benefits, and explain how to create one. A process map is a planning and management tool that visually describes the work flow... Read More

2018 Leadership Summit

Leaders in the Family Justice Center Movement - 2018

Whether you have just started down the road toward greater collective impact or have been part of this movement from the beginning, our Annual Leadership Summit presented a chance for leaders from around the world... Read More

Cómo Iniciar un Centro de Justicia Para Las Mujeres (How to Start a Justice Center for Women)

Alliance for HOPE International, USAID, and Management Systems International - 2010

En colaboración con USAID y Management Systems International, Alliance for HOPE International escribió este manual que contiene toda la información sobre la experiencia de un modelo donde todos los servicios que se prestan se encuentran... Read More

ملخص النموذج لمركز العدالية الأسرة – رجاء لأسر في الألم- دليل لخدمات المشتركة في الشرق الوسط (Hope for Hurting Families – A Guide to Co-Located Services in the Middle East)

Alliance for HOPE International and Vital Voices - 2010

تم تأسيس هذا كتيب من قبل التحالف من أجل الشراكة  Alliance for HOPE International و Vital Voices العالمية في عام 2010 ، وهو الآن منتج ثانوي للجهود المستمرة لإنشاء مركزالعدالةالأسرةالأول في الأردن. هذا كتيب تهدف... Read More