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Invitation to Elected Officials for Strategic Planning – Honolulu

Honolulu Family Justice Center Planning Team - 2010

Created by the Honolulu Family Justice Center planning team in March of 2010, this is an invitation letter to elected officials for a FJC Strategic Planning Meeting. It outlines the start of the Honolulu Center,... Read More

Cient Service Plan – San Diego Family Justice Center

San Diego Family Justice Center - 2010

Created by the San Diego Family Justice Center, this document provides both an English and Spanish version of a form used to document the services provided by each community partner, and those of which were... Read More

Location, Location, Location

Alliance for HOPE International - 2010

Created by the Alliance in March 2010, this Webinar discusses the elements involved in finding the right location and building for your Center. Directors from operating Centers around the nation will discuss different options for... Read More

Hope for Hurting Families: A Guide to Co-Located Services in the Middle East

Alliance for HOPE and Vital Voices - 2010

Created by the Alliance and Vital Voices Global Partnership in 2010, this manual is now a by-product of the ongoing effort to create a pilot Family Justice Center in Jordan. It is intended to be... Read More

Taking Action to Stop Violence: A Study on Readiness to Change Among Male Batterers

Hellman, Johnson and Dobson - 2010

The Transtheoretical Model of Change (TTM) predicts that matching interventions with a person’s readiness to change should improve treatment outcomes. This cross-sectional correlational study examined characteristics that affected self-reported readiness to change abusive behavior among... Read More