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Intimate Partner Violence – Economic Costs and Implications for Growth and Development

World Bank Group - 2013

"This paper argues for a focus on estimating impacts on productivity, a key driver of economic growth. It also calls for committed action by both national governments and The World Bank Group in terms of... Read More

Improving Civil Justice in Rural California

The California Commission on Access to Justice - 2010

"This report is intended to raise awareness about and provide recommendations for increasing legal services to rural Californians to ensure their access to fair and impartial justice." Read More

FAQs on Survivor Confidentiality Releases

NNEDV Safety Net Project and The Confidentiality Institute - 2011

"This document addresses common questions regarding confidentiality and releases of information. It takes into account the confidentiality and privacy provisions in the U.S. federal Violence Against Women and Department of Justice Reauthorization Act of 2005... Read More

Domestic Violence Intervention Strategies

Social Worker Resource - 2012

This article, published by Social Worker Resource, provides a general overview of intervention strategies for domestic violence cases. The publication briefly covers the following steps: establish contact, assess the situation, create an emergency plan, assess... Read More

Cost Analysis in Program Evaluation

Children's Bureau - 2013

Developed by the Children's Bureau, this tool can assist with estimating total costs, estimating program component costs, and estimating cost per participant for programs. Though this document was intended to be used by Child Welfare... Read More