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Mariah Howard, RN Explains Why Nurses Should Attend Advanced Course

Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention - 2016

Mariah Howard, RN talked about the importance of nurses and medical staff attending the Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention Advanced Course. Mariah was part of the 9th training that took place in Fort Worth, Texas... Read More

Nurse Joanna Explains Why a Survivor of Strangulation Should Seek Help

Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention - 2016

Nurse Joanna is part of the Stanislaus Family Justice Center’s Strangulation Multi-Disiplinary Response Team. She has a message for all survivors of non-fatal strangulation. Nurse Joanna was part of the Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention... Read More

Stop the Killing Webinar

Szych - 2016

Domestic violence and/or stalking related cases offer the greatest opportunity to predict and then subsequently prevent homicides, as most cases involve known offenders. The proven way to stop killing events is to create doubt within... Read More

Fairfield Connecticut Police Department Protocol

Fairfield Connecticut Police Department - 2016

On September 13, 2016, Fairfield, CT Police Department adopted the following policy under their Family Violence Crimes (Section 6.3.4 Medical Assistance: In cases of reported strangulation, the party will be examined by ambulance personnel. This... Read More

Domestic Violence Investigation

Agnew - 2016

Mike Agnew will identify 10 key areas to focus on when investigating and building a case for prosecution, even when the victim recants. He will discuss new techniques officers need to know to document witness... Read More