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Stop the Killing Webinar

Szych - 2016

Domestic violence and/or stalking related cases offer the greatest opportunity to predict and then subsequently prevent homicides, as most cases involve known offenders. The proven way to stop killing events is to create doubt within... Read More

Domestic Violence Investigation

Agnew - 2016

Mike Agnew will identify 10 key areas to focus on when investigating and building a case for prosecution, even when the victim recants. He will discuss new techniques officers need to know to document witness... Read More

Power and Control Wheel for Latina Survivors

Perez, Aranda, Vega and Gwinn - 2016

Power and control issues are at the core of intimate partner violence. There are a variety of ways that abusers use power and control over their victims, and the Power and Control Wheel is a... Read More

National Protocol for Sexual Abuse Forensic Medical Examinations – Pediatrics

Office on Violence Against Women - 2016

Created by the U.S. Department of Justice Office on Violence Against Women in April 2016, the National Protocol for Sexual Abuse Medical Forensic Examinations—Pediatric is a guide for: (1) health care providers who conduct sexual... Read More

What We Learned in 2015: Updates from the Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention

Gwinn, Hawley, and Strack - 2015

Presented by: Dr. Dean Hawley, Casey Gwinn, JD, & Gael Strack, JD. Strangulation impacts all professionals working on sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking cases. Today, we know unequivocally that strangulation is one... Read More