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Brent Ferguson – Deputy Prosecuting Attorney – Ada County, Idaho

Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention - 2015

Brent Ferguson, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney from Ada County, Idaho, talks about the Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention and why all prosecutors should attend this important training. Read More

Domestic Violence Report, A Special Issue on Strangulation

Civic Research Institute and Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention - 2014

The Domestic Violence Report is a publication of the Civic Research Institute. In this special issue, Editor Kelly Weisberg writes, “We are delighted to present this special issue on Strangulation, a topic of great interest... Read More

Evidence Based Investigations and Prosecution of Domestic Violence Cases

Gwinn and McKay - 2014

Casey Gwinn, JD, President of the Alliance, and Kelsey McKay, JD, Assistant DA, Travis County Texas, will present on the evidence-based investigation and prosecution of domestic violence cases. They will discuss the history of evidenced-based... Read More

U-Visa Discoverability: What to Do?

Pendleton - 2014

discussion by law enforcement of how it uses the U visa to work with immigrant communities and an update on the "conditional grant" period for U visas now that the 10,000 cap has been met.... Read More

Prosecution of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Stalking Cases

Strack - 2014

Created Gael Strack in January of 2014 for the Child Maltreatment Conference, this PowerPoint provides training on prosecution of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking cases. This webinar identifies commonalities in all of these crimes... Read More