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Military Victims of Violence Confidentiality Act Bill

United States Congress - 2005

This document contains the “Military Victims of Violence Confidentiality Act of 2005” which was written to ensure that the confidential communications between a member of the Armed Forces and a victim service organization or health... Read More

The Greenbook Demonstration Initiative

The Greenbook National Evaluation Team - 2005

This article summarizes the accomplishments of the Family Violence Prevention Movement. It specifically emphasizes how communities have become more knowledgeable and how social service workers have become more capable of making better decisions for families... Read More

Victim Defendants (Draft) – City of Seattle

City of Seattle - 2005

Created by the City of Seattle in April of 2005, this document explains how victims are sometimes accused by their batterers, making them the defendants in cases of domestic violence, and discusses how domestic violence... Read More

Domestic Violence Order of Conditional Release and Bond Information Form

State of Michigan - 2004

Created by the State of Michigan District Court, this is the Domestic Violence Order of Conditional Release Form. It outlines the possible conditions of release and the terms of the bond for the defendant in... Read More

Domestic Violence Programs and the African American Church- Dr Oliver William & Alliance

Williams - 2004

Presented by Dr. Oliver Williams, and hosted by the Family Justice Center Alliance, March Read More