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Military Power and Control Wheel

National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence

Created by the National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence, this wheel depicts the distinct challenges faced by military persons in violent relationships. Read More

Investigation Areas


Created by Mike Agnew, this flow chart depicts the vast number of investigative paths in cases of domestic violence. Read More

Domestic Violence Police Report Supplemental – San Diego Police Department

San Diego Police Department

This is a supplemental form for domestic violence police reports, utilized by the San Diego Police Department. It includes space to document information about the victim’s children, any witnesses, the location of any injuries (with... Read More

Domestic Violence Dynamics: Understanding the Experience of Survivors

Alliance for HOPE International - 2013

Using the Power and Control Wheel developed by Ellen Pence and Domestic Abuse Intervention Project, Casey Gwinn and Gael Strack will interview four survivors from the Alliance VOICES Committee about their experiences with their abusers.... Read More

When Systems Intersect Implications for Battered Mothers

Avalon, Belgum-Gabbert, and Peters - 2013

Criminal Court, Custody Court and Child Protection look at domestic violence differently and practitioners in each have particular messages they give to victims. The vastly differing "culture" of these systems led UK researcher Marianne Hester... Read More