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Webinar: VOICES Bootcamp – Day 2

Ojeda, Bilyeu, Francois - 2023

Our National VOICES Survivor Advocacy Network was very excited to attend the Annual FJC Conference. Not everyone could join, so the network requested the Alliance host a VOICES Virtual Bootcamp. Our team and the VOICES... Read More

Webinar: First Responders to the Last Warning Shot: The Critical Role of Dispatchers in Non-Fatal Strangulation Cases – Dedicated to Sergeant Dale Nix

Dispatchers are often the pathway to the safety of victims, children, and officers. 911 dispatchers can make the difference between life-or-death situations. In this special webinar for dispatchers, we discuss how 911 tapes win cases,... Read More

Webinar: Development and Implementation of Domestic Violence High-Risk Teams in Rural Communities

Family Justice Center Alliance - 2023

Rural survivors are at higher risk for lethality for many reasons including longer response times from law enforcement, greater distances to live-saving medical treatment, limited access to nearby domestic violence shelter or transitional housing, and... Read More

Herramienta de Evaluación de la Polivictimización

Family Justice Center Alliance - 2023

Esta Herramienta de Evaluación de la Polivictimización (Herramienta de Evaluación) fue desarrollada para examinar todas las experiencias de trauma y victimización de la vida de una persona, desde la niñez hasta la edad adulta. La... Read More

Polyvictimization Assessment Tool – English Version

Family Justice Center Alliance - 2023

The Polyvictimization Assessment Tool (Assessment Tool) was developed to examine a survivor’s entire life experience of trauma and victimization, from childhood to adulthood. The Assessment Tool covers 27 events and 18 sections, each broken down... Read More