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Monthly Call with Open Centers: Confidentiality and Information Sharing

Alliance for HOPE International - 2012

Created by Gael Strack in September 2012, this monthly call with directors of open Family Justice Centers addresses confidentiality and information sharing. The presentation points to safety, privacy, and autonomy and self-determination, designating them as... Read More

Changing the Ending to Telling Amy’s Story

Alliance for HOPE International - 2012

This toolkit is designed to help Family Justice Centers raise awareness about domestic violence, the Family Justice Center model, and most importantly, high-risk victims. Professionals and community citizens can utilize resources, such as the Verizon... Read More

Using Telling Amy’s Story

Wells - 2012

Presented by the Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence and hosted by the Alliance in 2012, this webinar discusses how the documentary, Telling Amy’s Story, can be used as a tool for Family Justice Centers... Read More

A Pain in the Neck: A Rare Case of Isolated Hyoid Bone Trauma

The Journal of Surgical Case Reports - 2011

This article reports the first case of dislocation of the symphysis between the great cornu and the body of the hyoid bone following strangulation in survivors. It also reviews the current knowledge on hyoid bone... Read More

Prosecuting the Predominant Aggressor Case

Korobov - 2011

Created by Kristina Korobov and hosted by the Alliance in January of 2011, this webinar focuses on prosecuting a predominant aggressor case. This webinar serves as a follow-up to 2010 Alliance webinar which focused on... Read More