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Burnout and Vicarious Trauma

Lass and Matos

Written by Yolanda Matos and Diane Lass, this document discusses burnout and vicarious trauma. It outlines the symptoms, discusses the stages and various influences of each, makes recommendations for prevention, and more. Read More

Domestic Violence Dynamics: Understanding the Experience of Survivors

Alliance for HOPE International - 2013

Using the Power and Control Wheel developed by Ellen Pence and Domestic Abuse Intervention Project, Casey Gwinn and Gael Strack will interview four survivors from the Alliance VOICES Committee about their experiences with their abusers.... Read More

Aging, Memory and the Criminal Justice System

Mosqueda - 2013

Dr. Laura Mosqueda will discuss how people over the age of 65 comprise the fastest growing segment of our population. Many elders in our society have a dementing illness such as Alzheimer’s Disease and it... Read More

Identifying and Serving Victims of Human Trafficking Through Family Justice Centers: A Rural Family Justice Center’s Approach to Collaboration

Warpinski, Neufeld-Weaver - 2013

Human trafficking has spread to virtually every part of the United States, including cities and rural areas in every state. In the state of Ohio, more than 1,600 victims of sex trafficking and countless victims... Read More

Victim Advocacy and Interviewing

Korobov - 2013

This webinar will focus on interviewing and advocacy techniques designed to help prosecutors, advocates, and law enforcement to work with survivors of sexual assault. We will address ways to build trust and rapport, to gain... Read More