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Domestic Violence and Child Abuse – The History, the Parallels and the Ethical Issues

Wilson - 2009

Created by Charles Wilson, this PowerPoint presentation notes the significant parallels of child abuse and domestic violence. It also encourages and details different means of coordinating services directed toward both domestic violence and child abuse... Read More

Long Term Consequences of Domestic Violence

Taliaferro - 2009

Created by the Alliance and Ellen Taliaferro, MD in June of 2009, this Webinar focuses on the long-term medical consequences of domestic violence. It discusses acute diseases versus chronic diseases, identifying the underlying problems, and... Read More

Understanding Domestic Violence: Chapter 1

Ganley - 2008

Written by Anne L. Ganley in 2008, this article discusses the dynamics of domestic violence. It provides an historical background of domestic violence throughout the world, quells common myths about abusive relationships, defines the power... Read More

Forensic Medical Units within Family Justice Centers

Strack, Lovelace, McTeague, Allison - 2008

Created by the Alliance in August of 2008, this webinar discusses Forensic Medical Units at the Alameda County, Boise, and Nampa Family Justice Centers. Each director provides a 5-minute overview of their respective Forensic Medical... Read More

Extent, Nature and Consequences of Rape Victimization

Tjaden, Thoennes and the National Institute of Justice - 2006

Created by Patricia Tjaden and Nancy Thoennes, in conjunction with the National Institute of Justice, in January of 2006, this report addresses the extent, nature, and consequences of rape victimization in light of findings from... Read More