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Stalking and Intimate Partner Violence

Garcia - 2014

Stalking—a dangerous and potentially lethal crime—is often misunderstood, minimized, or missed entirely. This webinar will address the prevalence and dynamics of stalking, the intersection of stalking and domestic violence, and the risk of violence and... Read More

Changing the World for Children Exposed

Gwinn - 2014

This presentation was given by Casey Gwinn at the Georgia Commission on Family Violence Conference in Sept 2014. Mr. Gwinn shares how we can change the world for children exposed to domestic violence. Mr. Gwinn... Read More

Sexual Exploitation of Minors

Bates and Sciupac - 2014

Human trafficking is an international epidemic that also hits close to home in cities like Oakland, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami and New York. During this webinar, the presenters will discuss the sexual exploitation of... Read More

Identifying the Primary Aggressor

Strack - 2014

Created by Gael Strack in January 2014 for the Child Maltreatment Conference, this PowerPoint addresses challenges for law enforcement officers identifying the dominant aggressor in incidents of domestic violence. It examines the historical perspective, women... Read More

Responding to Non-Fatal Strangulation Cases: The Maricopa County Law Enforcement Protocol

Rincon, Nannetti, and Rable - 2013

Presented by: Sgt. Dan Rincon, Cindi Nannetti, Esq., and Jill Rable, BSN MSN-ED RN CPN SANE-A. First responders play a vital role in responding to and documenting IPV strangulation crimes. During this webinar, the presenters... Read More