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Webinar: First Responders to the Last Warning Shot: The Critical Role of Dispatchers in Non-Fatal Strangulation Cases – Dedicated to Sergeant Dale Nix

Dispatchers are often the pathway to the safety of victims, children, and officers. 911 dispatchers can make the difference between life-or-death situations. In this special webinar for dispatchers, we discuss how 911 tapes win cases,... Read More

Webinar: Development and Implementation of Domestic Violence High-Risk Teams in Rural Communities

Family Justice Center Alliance - 2023

Rural survivors are at higher risk for lethality for many reasons including longer response times from law enforcement, greater distances to live-saving medical treatment, limited access to nearby domestic violence shelter or transitional housing, and... Read More

Herramienta de Evaluación de la Polivictimización

Family Justice Center Alliance - 2023

Esta Herramienta de Evaluación de la Polivictimización (Herramienta de Evaluación) fue desarrollada para examinar todas las experiencias de trauma y victimización de la vida de una persona, desde la niñez hasta la edad adulta. La... Read More

Polyvictimization Assessment Tool – English Version

Family Justice Center Alliance - 2023

The Polyvictimization Assessment Tool (Assessment Tool) was developed to examine a survivor’s entire life experience of trauma and victimization, from childhood to adulthood. The Assessment Tool covers 27 events and 18 sections, each broken down... Read More

Polyvictimization: The Legacy of The Initiative and the Future of a Groundbreaking Framework

Family Justice Center Alliance - 2023

This webinar will help professionals understand polyvictimization, the new National Polyvictimization Assessment Tool, and the corresponding victim services framework that can enhance the response of Family Justice Centers and victim service organizations to survivors with... Read More