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An Introduction to Survivor Wealth and Wellness Webinar

Alliance for HOPE International - 2020

Survivors need money to stay safe and heal. In order to break the cycle of violence, we must prioritize survivor wealth both for survivors and the service providers that support them. FreeFrom is on a... Read More

VOICES Coloring Book

National VOICES Committee - 2020

*IMPORTANT NOTE: The VOICES Coloring Book is currently being updated to include additional information and resources. It will be available again shortly. Please check back soon to download the updated PDF of the VOICES Coloring... Read More

Best Practices for Meeting the Needs of Victims of Mass Violence and Terrorism Webinar

Alliance for HOPE International - 2019

This webinar focuses on best practices to meet the short and long term needs of victims of terrorism and mass violence. Anita Ahuja from California Victim Compensation Board covers how victim services professionals can respond... Read More

Developing FJC State Legislation Checklist

Alliance for HOPE International - 2019

This Developing FJC State Legislation Checklist, developed by the Alliance, provides key steps to work towards Family Justice Center legislation at the state level. Family Justice Center legislation will define FJCs in specific states, develop... Read More

Survivor-Defined Success Webinar

Alliance for HOPE International - 2019

In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, four members of the National VOICES Chapter spoke about survivor-defined success in Family Justice Centers. Nationally, the Family Justice Center Alliance has seen that the most robust, impactful... Read More