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Sexual Exploitation of Minors

Bates and Sciupac - 2014

Human trafficking is an international epidemic that also hits close to home in cities like Oakland, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami and New York. During this webinar, the presenters will discuss the sexual exploitation of... Read More

Reproductive Coercion

Draper Douthit and Kukke - 2014

Reproductive Coercion is a relatively new concept in the field—simply defined, it is when a partner is trying to get a woman pregnant against her will or control the outcome of a pregnancy through threats,... Read More

Part 2: The Solution Integrating Health Assessments into Domestic Violence Programs

Duplessis, Hill and Miklem - 2014

Good health is an important step to healing from domestic violence, and advocates are in a unique position to intervene and reduce health consequences related to experiencing abuse. Integrating health services into domestic violence programs... Read More

Part I The Problem: Addressing the Health Needs of Intimate Partner Violence Survivors in Family Justice Centers

Riviello and Wee - 2014

Beyond the devastating impacts domestic violence (DV) has on victims, their families, and our communities, are the lingering effects on health. Victims of DV go to the Emergency Room more often than non-victims, are 3... Read More

Mental Health and Strangulation: Addressing Behavioral Effects in Strangulation Survivors

Vella - 2013

Presented by: Detective Sylvia Vella, Psy.D, San Diego Police Department. Strangulation crimes are prevalent; over 68% of domestic violence and sexual assault perpetrators have strangled their victim. Moreover, as family violence professionals know and understand,... Read More