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Biblical Submission Within a Marriage

Merrill Groothuis - 2005

Written by Rebecca Merrill Groothuis, and published in 2005, this article challenges classic Biblical interpretations of submission within marriage. Substantiated by a number of Biblical passages, Groothuis reexamines the idea of man as the God-ordained... Read More

Outreach and Training for Local Faith-Based Organizations in Your PFJCI Community

Safe Havens - 2004

Created by Safe Havens Interfaith Partnership Against Domestic Violence, this document is a tool to help local, faith-based organizations develop outreach and training in their communities. It provides a history of the President’s Family Justice... Read More

PFJCI Interfaith Chaplaincy Services

Safe Havens - 2004

Created by Safe Havens Interfaith Partnership against Domestic Violence for the President’s Family Justice Center Initiative, this booklet addresses Chaplaincy Services at Family Justice Centers. It depicts some of the responsibilities and the necessary qualities... Read More

Domestic Violence Programs and the African American Church- Dr Oliver William & Alliance

Williams - 2004

Presented by Dr. Oliver Williams, and hosted by the Family Justice Center Alliance, March Read More

Information and Resources for Survivors and their Supporters

San Diego Family Justice Center - 2003

Created by the San Diego Family Justice Center, this document is comprised of information and resources for survivors and their supporters. It addresses myths and facts about domestic violence, warning signs of an abuser, patterns... Read More