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Carotid Artery Dissections: Time from Strangulation to Stroke

Carotid Artery Dissections are the #1 Cause of Strokes in Patients Under 45. This presentation from Police Surgeon, Bill Smock, MD, includes literature and references on carotid artery dissections, how to recognize the injury and... Read More

Pediatric Non-Fatal Strangulation Photo Documentation Protocol

Secure Digital Forensic Imaging (SDFI) published the Pediatric Non-Fatal Strangulation PhotoDocumentation Protocol. Read More

Non-Fatal Strangulation Photo Documentation Protocol

Healthcare providers working in the field of clinical forensic medicine frequently examine individuals who are victims of strangulation. The use of this protocol will help promote the continuing development of the highly specialized skills necessary... Read More

Suggested Language for SB40 Strangulation Advisal

California Penal Code Section 13701(I) Recently, Governor Brown signed SB40 into law which will take effect January 1, 2018. SB40 was sponsored by Senator Roth from Riverside California. SB40 will require officers to give victims... Read More

Physiological Consequences of Strangulation Seconds to Minute Timeline

This one-page Seconds to Minutes graphic timeline shows the physiological consequences of strangulation due to occlusion of arterial blood flow. Created by: Ruth Carter; Bill Smock, MD; Gael Strack, JD; Yesenia Aceves, BA; Marisol Martinez,... Read More