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Intimate Partner Violence – East Traumacast Podcast #94

Intimate Partner Violence - East Traumacast Podcast #94 by the Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma discusses an important but under-recognized disease in our communities, intimate partner violence represents a significant threat to the... Read More

Choking? Strangulation? Whatever you Call it, it Happens Way Too Often (Radio Show / Podcast)

Victims often say, “he choked me,” but experts call it strangulation. Whatever you call it, it happens way too often, is really hard to spot, and it has really disastrous long-term consequences. Can we treat... Read More

Strangulation: More Common Than You Might Think (Radio Show / Podcast)

Strangulation is can be lethal within minutes, and can cause a victim to black out in seconds. It's also used a lot by domestic violence perpetrators. Sometimes it's not taken very seriously by courts or... Read More