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Examining Governance Structures for FJCs

Created by Gael Strack and Charles Wilson in 2009, this PowerPoint presentation focuses on examining governance structure options for Family Justice Centers. It outlines the various governance options, details the pros and cons of each... Read More

New York City Family Justice Center Initiative

Created by Alexandra Patino, this PowerPoint discusses the New York City Family Justice Center Initiative. It provides an overview of domestic violence in New York City, the history and mission of the New York City... Read More

Tips on How to Keep your Team Focused

Created by the Alliance in 2009, this is a sample PowerPoint for workgroup sessions centered on how to keep your FJC team focused. Read More

Domestic Violence and Child Abuse – The History, the Parallels and the Ethical Issues

Created by Charles Wilson, this PowerPoint presentation notes the significant parallels of child abuse and domestic violence. It also encourages and details different means of coordinating services directed toward both domestic violence and child abuse... Read More

Strategic Planning

Created by Glen Price in April of 2009 for the 9th Annual International FJC Conference, this presentation highlights the importance of strategic planning in developing an effective Family Justice Center. It details different approaches to... Read More