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Strategic Planning

Created by Glen Price in April of 2009 for the 9th Annual International FJC Conference, this presentation highlights the importance of strategic planning in developing an effective Family Justice Center. It details different approaches to... Read More

Accountability to Survivors

Created by Sarah Buel and presented at the 2009 International Family Justice Center Conference, this PowerPoint addresses accountability to survivors. It outlines how to be accountable, how to share power, how to gather crucial information,... Read More

International Family Justice Center Models: Mexico

Created by Aixa Alvarado and presented at the 9th Annual International Family Justice Center Conference in April of 2009, this PowerPoint addresses international FJC models, and specifically that of Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Read More

Show Me the Money

Created by Gael Strack and the San Diego Family Justice Center in February of 2009, this PowerPoint addresses creative marketing, public relations, community outreach, fundraising, and sustainability. It discusses the strategies used by the SDFJC... Read More

Strategic Planning is Not for the Faint of Heart

Created in November of 2007, this PowerPoint addresses strategic planning for Family Justice Centers. The PowerPoint includes recommended steps to get started and information about managing the FJC development process. Read More