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The Challenge Ahead: Stopping Domestic Violence Mass Murderers

Presented by Casey Gwinn at the National District Attorney’s Association National Multi-Disciplinary Domestic Violence Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah in November of 2011, this presentation focuses on Stopping DV Mass Murderers.  His presentation was... Read More

Confidentiality and Brady vs Maryland

Presented by District Attorney Nancy O'Malley in September 2010 at the California Family Justice Initiative statewide conference, this PowerPoint addresses confidentiality, privilege, and Brady vs Maryland issues within Family Justice Centers. Read More

Best Practices, Promising Practices, Successful Practices

Created by Nancy E. O’Malley and Yvonne Carrasco in 2009, this PowerPoint presentation addresses best practices, promising practices, and successful practices for Family Justice Centers. Read More

Applying Family Justice Center Principles to Suburban

Presented by Susan Adams and Judy Bell in April of 2009, this PowerPoint addresses applying FJC principles to suburban and medium communities. Using the Crystal Judson Family Justice Center as an example, FJC principles, governing... Read More

Examining Governance Structures for FJCs

Created by Gael Strack and Charles Wilson in 2009, this PowerPoint presentation focuses on examining governance structure options for Family Justice Centers. It outlines the various governance options, details the pros and cons of each... Read More