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Family Justice Center Design Photos

This is a slideshow of photographs taken of Family Justice Centers across the country. It includes pictures of grand opening ceremonies, front porches, bullet proof windows, computers and learning centers, interview rooms, kitchens and dining... Read More

Aging, Memory and the Criminal Justice System

Dr. Laura Mosqueda will discuss how people over the age of 65 comprise the fastest growing segment of our population. Many elders in our society have a dementing illness such as Alzheimer’s Disease and it... Read More

Legal Network Overview

Created in 2010 by the Alliance, this presentation provides an overview of the FJC Legal Network, a program of the Alliance. The FJC Legal Network, created in July of 2009, provides temporary restraining orders to... Read More

When the Law Keeps its Promise

Presented during the 2012 Family Justice Center Conference, Mark Wynn explores the interconnected nature of violence against women, the importance of police leadership in enhancing officer response, an examination of our organizational culture, our range of tools to... Read More

Growing a Community of Support

Presented by Linda Ray at the September 2012 Director's Leadership Summit training on "Funding & Sustainability", this presentation divulges tactics for fundraising, building board members, evaluating your budget, and getting the community involved in your... Read More