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No Place for a Smile: Domestic Violence

Because dentists routinely assess a patient’s head, neck and mouth, they have a unique and excellent opportunity to recognize whether or not a patient is being abused. This article seeks to enlist the collaboration of... Read More

Outreach and Training for Local Faith-Based Organizations in Your PFJCI Community

Created by Safe Havens Interfaith Partnership Against Domestic Violence, this document is a tool to help local, faith-based organizations develop outreach and training in their communities. It provides a history of the President’s Family Justice... Read More

PFJCI Interfaith Chaplaincy Services

Created by Safe Havens Interfaith Partnership against Domestic Violence for the President’s Family Justice Center Initiative, this booklet addresses Chaplaincy Services at Family Justice Centers. It depicts some of the responsibilities and the necessary qualities... Read More

Where Justice is Served – San Diego Magazine

Published by San Diego Magazine, Casey Gwinn is recognized for the opening of the San Diego Family Justice Center. Read More

Focus Group Discussion Agenda – San Diego Family Justice Center

Created by the San Diego Family Justice Center in 2004, this document gives a detailed outline of an agenda a Center can use to structure focus groups in their community. The agenda includes sample questions,... Read More