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Strangulation Suffocation Supplemental Investigative Worksheet

  Our new strangulation worksheet is available for free to all law enforcement agencies to use for the handling of strangulation cases across the United States. It was designed by the Legal Committee for the Institute and peer reviewed by our national... Read More

Sojourner Family Peace Center VOICES Confidentiality Agreement

This VOICES Confidentiality Agreement, created by the Sojourner Family Peace Center, is a template resource for VOICES Chapters to utilize in order to create a confidential, safe space for their VOICES members. The agreement asks... Read More

Sojourner Family Peace Center VOICES Media Photo Release Form

This VOICES Media Release, developed by the Sojourner Family Peace Center, can be utilized as a template resource to draft a media release for Family Justice Centers to utilize VOICES members in promotional materials with... Read More

Estructuras Vitales del Cuello / Vital Structures of the Neck (Spanish Version)

This resource was created by the Training Institute to illustrate the vital neck structures in Spanish. keywords: estructuras vitalis, estructuras, cuello Read More

Symptoms (ONLY) of Strangulation

This is a visual representation of the symptoms of strangulation. While visible signs may be present, symptoms represent injuries not visible to the naked eye; observable only to the victim. Read More