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Family Justice Center Statewide Initiative

Created by the Alliance in 2013 this toolkit provides information on the California Family Justice Center Statewide Initiative. It discusses the Centers, progress, challenges and successes as well as some lessons learned. This should help... Read More

Changing the Ending to Telling Amy’s Story

This toolkit is designed to help Family Justice Centers raise awareness about domestic violence, the Family Justice Center model, and most importantly, high-risk victims. Professionals and community citizens can utilize resources, such as the Verizon... Read More

Site Visitors Toolkit

Created by the Alliance in collaboration with the San Diego Family Justice Center in April of 2011, this is a toolkit designed to help Centers prepare for hosting visitors and tours. The toolkit offers a... Read More

Developing an Internship Program Toolkit

Created by the Alliance in July of 2009 this toolkit explains the benefits of an internship at a Family Justice Center and provides guidance on how to develop such a program. Discusses how to identify... Read More