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Responding to Strangulation Assault: A Training Video for Law Enforcement

House Bill 911, which added language to the existing aggravated assault statute to make strangulation a felony offense, was signed into law by Governor Deal on April 24, 2014. This legislation enables law enforcement to... Read More

The Danger of Strangulation

The Danger of Strangulation is a training video clip of San Diego Firefighter and Paramedic Mitch Mendler, Joe Russo, Danielle Bebee and San Diego Police Detective Rena Hernandez, who demonstrate how to educate a victim... Read More

A Message from Michelle Morgan to all FJC and MAC Directors

One Safe Place's Vice President & Director of Family Justice Center Michelle Morgan, from Fort Worth, Texas, shares her pitch for all Family Justice Center and Multi-Agency Center Directors to attend the Training Institute on... Read More

Takeaways from 4 Day Advanced Course Attendees

What 4 Day Advanced Course on Strangulation Prevention Attendees learned Read More

Domestic Violence PSA: Strangulation (English)

This PSA was released by the City of San Diego in February 2017 to warn citizens about the many dangers associated with strangulation crimes. Read More