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Creating Sustainable Funding from Individual Donors

This fast-paced webinar introduces you to a systematic model for building sustainable funding for your Family Justice Center or Multi-Agency Center. Learn to leave a legacy of passionate lifelong individual donors as you tailor the Benevon Model... Read More

Army Community Service Family Advocacy Program Webinar

This webinar, hosted by Alliance for HOPE International's CEO Gael Strack, focuses on "Strangulation: The Last Warning Shot" and "Advocating for the Strangled Victim." Gael Strack emphasizes the link between strangulation and homicides, highlights the... Read More

Handling Strangulation Cases at the Front Lines

This webinar, hosted by the Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention, features Dr. Jacquelyn Campbell, Dr. Ralph Riviello, Gael Strack and three leading programs who have implemented strangulation policies and practices into their work - the... Read More

Examining Safety Plans to Increase Survivor Wellbeing

People who have experienced domestic and sexual violence, like all of us, are more than their problems and crises. And like all of us, are hard-wired to increase their access to not just safety, but... Read More

Mental Health 101

In this webinar Dr. Uju Berry provides an overview of mental health for frontline staff. She covers the bio-pyscho-social Model of Mental Health that examines individuals from a holistic perspective as well as the epidemiology... Read More