Stop the Killing Webinar

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Domestic violence and/or stalking related cases offer the greatest opportunity to predict and then subsequently prevent homicides, as most cases involve known offenders. The proven way to stop killing events is to create doubt within the mind of a potential killer. Doubt is a powerful weapon against those who seek to take our mothers, our sisters, and our daughters. In the progression leading up to killing events, threat mitigation opportunities are often missed. Why people kill is often less important, in contrast to, comprehending the killer’s “end game.” Regardless if the killing event is to take place in the living room of a home, a workplace, or a public venue, the best opportunity for deflection, relies on the basic association between pain and pleasure. Most people will pause, change direction or even stop, once the perceived pain of pursuit becomes greater than, the perceived pain of just stopping. Creating doubt is the key ⎯ if we are to stop the killing.