Advanced Certificate in Collaborative Response to Family Violence

The Collaborative Response to Family Violence Certificate Program is a unique opportunity to learn and explore the transformative potential of collaboration in addressing complex social issues, such as family violence. This program teaches and applies a complex adaptive systems framework to better understand the power of collaboration as well as the disruptive nature of family violence. The four pillars of collaborative response to family violence include:

  1. Contexts for Power and Peace
  2. Inclusion and diversity
  3. Trauma
  4. Life-course Development

The program uses a cohort model to allow students to learn and collaborate over the year, applying concepts learned in a reflective and active process of collaborating. Key aspects of this program include a three-day immersion experience where participants come together, in real-time to learn and imagine together and experience the power of coherence; and the development of a capstone collaborative project. We are excited to bring together a diverse and dynamic inaugural cohort in 2018! Be a part of the transformative power of collaboration. Apply today! To learn more, visit the Advanced Certificate in Collaborative Response to Family Violence program page.