Polyvictimization Assessment Tool – English Version

The Polyvictimization Assessment Tool (Assessment Tool) was developed to examine a survivor’s entire life experience of trauma and victimization, from childhood to adulthood. The Assessment Tool covers 27 events and 18 sections, each broken down into three categories (Child and Teen, Adult, In the Last Year). The symptoms category allows staff to triage current symptoms and allows for a deep historical understanding of when these symptoms developed and how long they have been present in the survivor’s life.
The Assessment Tool is a confidential, hope-centered, trauma-informed, client-driven tool used to guide trauma education for Clients, holistic healing service delivery (both traditional and non-traditional), and long-term case management. Since every person is different, implementation of the Assessment Tool requires a great deal of flexibility in the intake process as well as additional training and support for staff. It is critical that survivors in crisis first receive support and services that address safety, well-being, immediate housing, access to food and water, and/ or medical care as needed prior to completing the tool.
The Polyvictimization Assessment Tool is available in English, and Spanish gender-neutral versions. We strongly recommend that staff and Centers review the Polyvictimization Assessment Tool Resource Guide Book and engage in a planning process for the implementation of a polyvictimization framework before ever using the Assessment Tool. For guidance and support in the implementation of a polyvictimization framework within a Family Justice Center, or in the use of the Assessment Tool, contact the Alliance at FJCA@allianceforhope.com

Click here for the Spanish gender-neutral version of the Assessment Tool.

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