Battling Racial and Gender Bias in Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Investigations

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On this webinar, Judge Ron Adrine (Ret.) of the National Battered Women’s Justice Project Advisory Board and Lt. Dan Rincon of the Scottsdale Police Department share their combined total of almost 70 years of experience by observing the impact of systemic and individual attitudes about race, sex and gender on policies, training, and accountability systems within law enforcement agencies and Family Justice/Multi-Agency Centers. The presenters highlight the significant impact of sexual and/or gender bias, either by an individual or by a system, and how that bias, whether implicit or explicit, might impact victim experiences and victims' ultimate decisions to cooperate with criminal justice system interventions. This webinar also explores how potential tension with law enforcement at Family Justice and Multi-Agency Centers can be mitigated by restarting conversations to foster healthy relationships through continued collaboration.

Keywords: racial bias, gender bias, sexual assault, investigations

September 29, 2023   Adrine     allegations     gender bias     investigation     racial bias     Rincon     sexual assault