CDAA Investigation and Prosecution of Strangulation Cases Manual

“It was our honor to collaborate with the California District Attorneys Association on this project.  This training manual is going to be an invaluable resource to our frontline professionals. Strangulation cases require a specialized investigation and multi-disciplinary team working together. Valuable evidence can be easily overlooked which can mean the difference between a case being filed or dismissed. Strangulation is the last warning shot before a victim of domestic violence is killed. The earlier we can intervene in a domestic violence strangulation case, the higher the likelihood we can save a life.”

"Not only was California the first state in the United State to produce a manual on the investigation and prosecution of strangulation cases but now we have the opportunity to update it and share even more information about investigating and prosecuting strangulation cases.  We may have only once chance to intervene so we have it get it right the first time around – each discipline plays an important role in building a strong case for prosecution.”