Contra Costa County Family Justice Center Evaluation Report (2020)

The Contra Costa Family Justice Alliance is a system of warm and welcoming one-stop centers for families affected by interpersonal violence, namely domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, elder abuse, child abuse, and stalking. The aim of the Alliance is to provide a comprehensive menu of services from all over Contra Costa County under one roof--bringing together diverse service providers in the nonprofit, government services, and law enforcement sectors--in order to provide hope, healing, and renewal in the most efficient and effective ways possible. The Alliance operates three Family Justice Center locations to serve the County: West Center in Richmond, Central Center in Concord, and East Center in Antioch. 

The purpose of this evaluation is to assess client characteristics and service utilization to determine growth patterns as a proxy for consumer approval, impacts of co-located multi-agency services on agency professionals as a catalyst to enhance and facilitate the service delivery ecosystem, and program outcomes by performing a cost-per-client analysis and comparing to client and funder growth rates.