E-Filings and Virtual Hearings: Providing Easier Access to the Criminal Justice Process Webinar

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Survivors have often shared that the courtroom is the most anxiety-inducing place they must go when pursuing safety for themselves and their children. For years, many have been advocating for e-filing policies and virtual hearings in order to create a more trauma-informed justice response and to break down barriers to services for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, elder abuse, and human trafficking. In recent months, COVID-19 and the ensuing shutdowns have further elevated the importance of e-filing and virtual hearings, though many jurisdictions have not yet enacted formal policies that would provide access to justice for survivors. On this webinar, Gael Strack, CEO of Alliance for HOPE International, discusses the pertinence of e-filings and virtual hearings and addresses the current lack of access to justice. Panelists Catherine Johnson, Suzann Stewart, Lisbet Perez, and Diane Doherty share about the journey towards e-filings and virtual hearings in their own communities and provide a roadmap to increase buy-in on the local and state levels.

Keywords: e-filings, virtual hearings, criminal justice process webinar

September 28, 2023   COVID-19     criminal justice process     E-filings     easier access     FJCA     pandemic     remote     virtual hearings     webinar